I’ve been running this blog since 2013 as a hobby but also to not forget any awesome minute from my life in New York City. 2013 was and will always be a special date to me.

Just then, in 2013 I moved to Manhattan. And thought this little peninsula is…. really little it has a great potential! But guess I don’t have to convince anyone cause who’s dare to think otherwise?! Exactly… So, since the beginning of my stay in NYC and running this blog this is all about NYC lifestyle.

And since I am a part of NYC or NYC is a very important part of me, this blog is devoted to my lifestyle. I’m trying to put here all the best of the heart of New York from food, to culture, to are, to architecture, to people and so on… You know what is the best of New York? The best of this city is that it really has a lot to offer and it never changes! I mean, the city changes constantly obviously, but the fact that it has much to offer never changes!

NYC's shinning at night <3

NYC’s shinning at night <3

No matter how long you’ve been living here, o matter how many places you have already visit… there is always something you didn’t see before, you haven’t been before or you have just had no idea it exists! This is what I love this place for – it never stops surprising me. Well, another aspect that makes me love the Big Apple is it’s multicultural climate. All the possible nationalities of the world in one place? Only at the heart of New York City. Even me! No, I am not a real american girl.

I mean I am but I feel more like European. Yes, I was born here in New York but my mum is German, my dad is from France, my Grandmother is Polish and my grandfather was Ukraine. Not half bad mix, huh?  Who know where my other ancestry were from. Anyways, hope you will find my posts interesting, funny and informative!

Enjoy the reading and don’t forget to leave a comment!